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Baby Boomers who smoked marijuana in the sixties are, today, not getting diagnosed with Alzheimers at the rate they should be.

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Meditation Makes Marijuana More Effective

Meditation Makes Marijuana More Effective

I have a tumor on my right adrenal gland. It's a big tumor, but it's not cancer. The tumor does, however, produce extra cortisol, the stress hormone, so my body is constantly in a state of stress. To manage my cortisol levels and reduce stress, I cut back on caffeine and make sure I get more sleep, I exercise and I medicate with cannabis. But the thing that works the best is meditation. 

Meditation does wondrous things for our health, and so does marijuana. Marijuana and meditation together produce exponential benefits, like reducing depression and anxiety. They both make us feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. Sitting quietly and focusing on our breath can boost our creativity more than Super Lemon Haze. A guided relaxation meditation will cure insomnia and relax us into sleep with a boost from CBN and myrcene

The easiest way to extend and expand a marijuana high is meditation. The benefits of meditation are very similar to the benefits of cannabis for both body and mind. Marijuana and meditation both work immediately - a few deep inhalations cures my road rage in an instant - and both build up to significant long term benefits, too. Meditation acts like a potency boost that gets you higher. 

There is no wrong way to meditate. Om is not required. Mantras are great, but they aren't necessary. Get spiritual. Or don't. The scientific benefits of daily meditation are still the same. My personal favorite is to throw my legs up the wall, but I do zazen several times a week, too. Yoga classes end with savasana, my favorite part of the day. 

If you can only handle 5 minutes, do 5 minutes. Next week, try for 6. Getting high makes it easier to be still, clear the mind and let go of thoughts that come up. When I meditate without cannabis, I last about 10 minutes before my brain takes over and I'm up and on to the next thing. With cannabis, I can meditate like a Buddhist monk on a mountaintop for an hour. 

If you need help to guide you and teach you how to meditate, use an app. Headspace is pricey but it will teach you everything you need to know to meditate. I prefer Calm. It's less expensive than Headspace and has plenty of options for every mood. 

Marijuana Meditation Tips:

1. Start low, go slow. Don't take too much. Eat 10 milligrams of THC an hour before meditation time or take one or two inhalations (vape or smoke) right before meditating. If your tolerance is high, take a larger dose that will relax you but not put you to sleep. 

2. If you need music, play music. There are even playlists for meditating with marijuana available. 

3. Get comfortable, not sleepy. I sit cross legged because full lotus is too much. If the floor hurts, sit in a chair. If a chair hurts, sit in bed. 

4. If you can't sit, walk. Walking and moving meditations are great for fidgeters because they use the motion of the body as the focus of the meditation. Washing dishes can be a meditation if we simply focus on our breath, the motion of our hands and allow our thoughts to drift away. 

5. Count inhalations to focus on your breath, then think about your posture as you settle in. Relax shoulders and stretch your neck. I couldn't tell if had my spine straight until I sat against a wall and realized I was leaning back too far and my neck was crunched down. Keep a little space in the lower back and neck, but keep your butt, head and shoulders against the wall. 

6. Getting high clears most of the random thoughts that drift by during meditation. Don't focus on any thought, just let them go and count the next breath. When you meditate while medicated your thoughts might get a little, um, out there. Let it happen. Notice the thought, then bring your attention back to your breath. 

7. Keep your eyes open and focused on a spot a few feet away. Closing your eyes completely can make you sleepy and dizzy, especially when stoned. 

8. Breathe in and out through the nose. Keep a glass of water nearby to handle dry mouth from the marijuana. 

Aim for 30 minutes a day, but you can work up to it. Or do 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes at night. Use "One Minute Meditations" to handle daily stresses and maintain your composure. Before or during anxiety-causing situations, close your eyes and breath deeply for one minute, counting your inhales and exhales. Use of those inhalations to hit your vape pen, but just one. Too much marijuana increases anxiety. 

A meditation cushion supports the butt and keeps the hips higher than the knees, which relieves pressure and allows us to sit longer. You can also use a couch cushion or a yoga bolster

If you have any questions about using cannabis and meditation, leave them in the comments. 

Happy Medicating! And Meditating!

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