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Baby Boomers who smoked marijuana in the sixties are, today, not getting diagnosed with Alzheimers at the rate they should be.

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DIY Cannaoil Extraction Recipe

DIY Cannaoil Extraction Recipe

Butter is great. I love butter. Marijuana infused butter makes delicious edibles like brownies and cookies. 

But oils like olive oil and coconut oil are actually more effective and more versatile for homemade marijuana edibles and topicals. Butter doesn't make a great face cream, but olive oil does. With a bottle of marijuana infused coconut oil, we can make everything from popcorn to personal lubricant. 

Olive oil and coconut oil extract more of the cannabinoids from marijuana than butter. If you want to extract the maximum number of milligrams from your plant matter, use oil. 

Infused coconut and olive oil make fabulous vegan treats - both sweet and savory. Chocolate cake with olive oil is rich, delicious and not to be missed. 

Olive oil can be whipped into skin creams (coconut oil makes me break out in horrible acne, so I avoid it. If coconut oil works for you, slather it on) and pain treatments. I infuse emu oil when I make face cream because the fats in emu oil help the cannabinoids in the marijuana reach deep into the skin to repair and rejuvenate. 

Tinctures are normally made with alcohol, but fractionated coconut oil is a tastier and healthier choice, especially for kids. Fractionated coconut oil is a pure liquid at room temperature and does not smell or taste like coconuts. Virgin coconut oil stays solid at room temperature and has a distinct coconut smell and flavor. 

Let's take a second to talk about "cannabis oil". Cannabis oil is usually a concentrate like CO2 oil, while medicated olive and coconut oils are infused cannabis oils. Both are great medicine, but infused oils are not nearly as potent as concentrated oil. 

When straining plant matter from oil, each eighth of an ounce of flower (3.5 grams) will absorb around a half ounce of oil, so start with a little extra oil to end up with the amount you want. 

3.5 grams of marijuana flower (potency around 15-20%) extracted into an ounce of oil will have around 450 milligrams. 7 grams of marijuana flower will be around 900 milligrams. 

Each 1 ounce bottle holds around 30 doses, so 3.5 grams of flower is around 15 milligrams per dose. 7 grams of flower will be around 90 milligrams per dose. 


Makes 1 ounce of infused oil
Equipment: pot or saucepan, jar or pyrex cup, fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth

1 1/2 ounces oil
3.5 (mild) or 7 (strong) grams decarboxylated marijuana flower or 7(mild) or 14 (strong) grams decarboxylated marijuana trim/shake
1 teaspoon liquid lecithin (optional)

1. In a pot or saucepan, boil water.
2. Put oil into a jar, Pyrex cup or French press. Whisk in marijuana and lecithin. Set container in boiling water.
3. Simmer for 1-2 hours.
4. Allow the mixture to cool, then strain through cheesecloth or fine mesh strainer. Firmly press to squeeze out every single drop of medicated oil. Strain again.
5. Store in a one ounce bottle with dropper top in a cool dry place for up to six months.


We don't have to use cannabis plant matter to make infused oil. Concentrates like wax and shatter can be melted and added to oil, just like adding concentrates directly to recipes. This is also the recipe I use to infuse oil for topical recipes. 


Makes 1 ounce
Equipment: small Pyrex jar or ramekin with a spout, baking sheet, one ounce bottle with dropper top

1 ounce oil
1/2 (mild) or 1 gram (strong) marijuana concentrate
1 teaspoon liquid lecithin (optional)

  1. Preheat oven to 250 degrees.

  2. Combine oil, marijuana and lecithin in a small dish. Place on baking sheet.

  3. Place baking sheet in oven for 30 minutes. Marijuana will decarboxylate during this time, so there is no need to do it before making the oil. 

  4. Remove from oven. Stir and let cool. Pour into a bottle with a dropper top and store in a cool, dry place for up to six months. 


After you make a basic infused oil, flavor it for a better tasting tincture. Just a few drops is enough to add cherry/grape/lemon flavor to a coconut oil tincture. We love tinctures because they absorb sublingually, and a flavored tincture tastes much better as it soaks into your mouth. 


For the easiest canna oil, get a machine and let it do the extraction step for you, just like a bread machine. I like to fuss over the stove and work on 3 recipes at once, so I like setting a pot of water and a jar on a burner. If you like to set it and forget it, you need a machine.  


If you have any questions about infusing marijuana into oils, leave them in the comments. 

Happy Medicating!


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