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Baby Boomers who smoked marijuana in the sixties are, today, not getting diagnosed with Alzheimers at the rate they should be.

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10 Reasons Why Marijuana is the Best Beauty Product, Ever

10 Reasons Why Marijuana is the Best Beauty Product, Ever

If we bottled the beauty benefits of cannabis and sold it at a makeup counter, that bottle would cost more than a year of private school, and it would be worth it. A marijuana makeover makes us healthier while it rolls back the clock on our skin. 

We get these fabulous beauty benefits from smoking and vaping marijuana, but also from edibles, sublinguals and topical skin creams and oils. 



Beauty sleep is the most important thing we can do to improve our looks, and marijuana helps us get to sleep at a proper bedtime, so in the morning we are well rested and ready to face a new day. Restorative night sleep and delicious daytime naps eliminate under eye circles and bags, refresh skin and gives us the rest our body needs to function at full capacity. 


Yes, THC does increase appetite. That's true. But several compounds in marijuana decrease appetite and help regulate blood sugar, including CBD, THCV and humulene. Marijuana is not a miracle cure. I've lost over 25 pounds with CBD rich marijuana, but I also track my calories, workouts, water and sleep with my Fitbit. 


When we feel good, we work out longer and harder. The Olympic committee recently decided that athletes could use marijuana, just not the day of their event. The Olympics don't consider marijuana a performance enhancing drug, but I do. I get frequent bouts of sciatic nerve pain that shoots down my leg and makes dog walks feel like torture. A pre-walk dose of CBD (I personally find 1:1 THC/CBD to be the ideal pain reliever. Some people find THC works better on their pain.)


Cannabinoids and terpenes, the medicinal compounds in marijuana, are anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-aging. Adding cannabis to your daily moisturizer will get you glowing within days. 


There's a reason everybody uses their vacation photos for profile pics. Shoulders are relaxed, furrowed brows are smoothed out and everyone is smiling. Getting high gets us to that same relaxed state, without a plane ticket. 


Double cheeseburgers are healthier than stress. Stress is more aging than smoking cigarettes in the sun. Marijuana reduces both physical and mental stress from the body. 


When our body is in pain, it shows in our faces. But when pain is reduced with cannabis, grimaces turn into smiles and opioid prescriptions disappear


If stress doesn’t kill us, inflammation will. Reducing inflammation improves our range of motion, reduces pain and removes redness from the skin. 


Marijuana, especially sativa and hybrid strains, boost creativity and focus. When we get high, we slip into that lovely space where time doesn't exist and we lose ourselves in the task at hand. When we feel creative and productive, we feel more confident in our talents, abilities and work. And confidence is sexy as hell. 

10. SEX

Marijuana is an aphrodisiac for women. Getting high blocks our short term memory, which means we stop worrying about the stresses of daily life and we relax into the moment, which is just the mood we need for intimacy. Try using medicated coconut oil for personal lubricant and tingly lady bits. Add a few drops of flavoring to make it fun.


If you have any questions about using cannabis to make yourself beautiful, leave them in the comments. 

Happy Medicating!


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